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Friday, March 31, 2006

I'm Rich, Biatch!

(no, not really)

I saw Dave Chappelle at the Punch Line last night. And it was awesome. Small club, big comic, packed house (of course). Inspired by Bee, I just happened to look at the PL web site on Saturday and discovered that Chappelle was going to be there all week (Monday thru Saturday). And tickets went on sale Sunday. And the shows weren't starting til 10, because they already had shows planned for that week. Obviously this was a last minute thing. Apparently the gal at the Punch Line got "the call" on Friday--three days before the first show. Damn.

So tickets were $45 plus the insane ticketmaster fees, which I reluctantly paid. I'd never seen Chappelle live and just couldn't miss him playing at such a small venue. I just hoped it was going to be worth it.

It totally was. He was so laid back (and energetic at the same time, if that's possible). He was hilarious, of course, but most of all he was just having such a good time on stage. He held a cigarette in his hand for 20 minutes before finally lighting it because he just wanted to keep talking.

They were super strict on cell phones and cameras, so even if I had a camera phone I wouldn't have been able to get anything. But there were a couple times when I wish I could. He just looked so content and comfortable up on stage. What an great show. :)

Monday, March 27, 2006


I've been getting compliments at work about my music collection. We're all on macs so basically we can access one another's iTunes library. At least three people have come up to me and said they've been browsing through my music and really liked it. So I must admit I've been feeling pretty good about that.

I have, however, resisted the temptation to ask if they noticed the 130 Madonna songs & remixes.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

It Has Begun

I left work this evening at 10:45. Two of my coworkers are still there. On Friday, I was there til past midnight with one of my coworkers.

Our press conference is next Tuesday, so we're on major deadlines.

Festival starts in less than a month.

I'm loving this.

Just don't ever tell me "it's just movies."

Monday, March 20, 2006

What. The. Fuck.

There's a movie coming out in August called Snakes On A Plane. You'll never guess what it's about.

(New Line Cinema)

I think I just had an aneurism.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

San Francisco Is Just A Bunch Of Gay Hippies.

An excerpt from an AP article about today's antiwar rallies around the world:
Several thousand protesters in San Francisco danced in the streets, beat drums and carried signs that read "Stop U.S. Imperialism."

"It's very painful to me that our country is doing this and killing innocent people," said 70-year-old Joan Emerson, who attended with the group Old Lesbians Organizing for Change.

Must the media work so diligently to perpetuate stereotypes?

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

(The) Zodiac

So I decided to delete the long, convoluted and inane post previously in this position to bring you the following public service announcement:

Zodiac and The Zodiac are not the same film.

But they are both being released this year.

And they are about the same thing.

That is all.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

B Speak

My office is a fun place to work, because my colleagues are fun people. While everyone is insanely busy and stressed, we all manage to maintain good attitudes. The thing is, I don't work in the corporate world. But there is someone in my office who thinks she does. And it's driving me--and everyone else--crazy. A typical type-A personality, her high pitched voice and constant barking of commands have made some (no, I can't take credit) label her The Chihuahua.

I'll refer to her as Yo Quero.

Yo Quero likes to use big words in order to make herself seem important and businesslike. Terms like "maximizing opportunities" and "creating dialogues" are thrown out (repeatedly) in meetings at the drop of a hat. I like to call this B Speak. (B=business, in case you had to ask.)

Yo Quero also likes to call a lot of meetings. You know, so she can use her B Speak. My department has a standing weekly meeting with another department, to make sure everything's being taken care of. Yo Quero got wind of this meeting and decided that she, and about three or four other departments, should be a part of it as well.

So we had our regularly scheduled meeting today, only it was no longer our meeting. It was Yo Quero's meeting. Not only did she insist that she "called it" (um, hello), she also wanted the meeting to be run by the director of another department--much to the shock of said totally unprepared director. So the function of our meeting today was to plan for next week's meeting.

I'm not kidding.

All I can say is I had to try very hard in this meeting planning meeting not to
-- crack up due to the hilariousness of the situation and Yo Quero's wacko intensity
-- roll my eyes too obviously as Yo Quero was sitting on the other side of the table
-- throw any available object at Yo Quero's head

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Chop Chop

So every few years (if not more often) I get the urge to drastically cut my hair. And 2006 is no exception. I had been thinking about it for the last few weeks, and even spent hours on the net one evening looking for photos of haircuts I like. But, as I have a short attention span and am pretty busy, I kinda forgot about it. But after seeing Portman on SNL last week, it made me remember that short hair cuts--when done right--can look really cute.

Then I remembered this old photo that I came across in college. I was working at the library at the time, and my oh-so-exciting job was to catalog the new arrivals. One day this beautiful photography book by Herb Ritts came in, and it featured a picture of Drew Barrymore with pretty short (though not pixie) hair. Perfect.

So I got my hair cut yesterday. It's friggin adorable. And while I don't have a digital camera, and my Blackberry, for all its many uses, does not have a camera in it either, I can show you my inspiration:

Now I just need to realize that I don't need *that* much shampoo anymore.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Damn You, Copyright Infringement! Damn You!

Alas, the YouTube postings of Portman's gangsta brilliance did not last long, as all clips of it have been removed due to copyright infringement. But I've gone digging and found another site that still has it--and hopefully will continue to have it--for our watching pleasure. It takes a few minutes to load, but it's worth it.


Sunday, March 05, 2006

Hot and Hilarious

From last night's episode of SNL. Honestly, can Natalie Portman ever look bad? She even looks good with a shaved head. And the pixie cut is making me wish I had straight hair. Short cuts don't really work with curly hair. But I digress. Watch. Enjoy. Repeat.

Saturday, March 04, 2006


Why have I spent--no, make that wasted--the last two hours of my life watching Gone in 60 Seconds on TNT? I'm not even really paying attention to it. It isn't entertaining. I think I'm actually getting dumber by having it on.

Laziness has taken control. The remote is three feet away and I don't feel like channel surfing. Damn it.