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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Target: Soulmate

Inspired by Bee, I thought I would post part of a screen shot I took a few weeks ago when I was checking out iVillage:

Well, I guess it is nice to know that if I wasn't already in a wonderful relationship, I could just head down to my nearest Target (pronounced "TAR-jay" of course) and find myself a soulmate.

And The Post Office Was Doing So Well...

It's happened again. A former post office employee went on a shooting rampage last night at a mail sorting facility in Santa Barbara. According to the AP, the woman had been given disability retirement back in 2003 for an "unspecified psychological reason."

Now, obviously the vast majority of the postal workers in this country are normal, stable people. It is a shame that a few bad apples (or as Bush would say, "evil doers") have brought this stigma to the post office. But this is not an isolated incident. It's happened so much that "going postal" is now part of our lexicon. The AP gave a list of "some" of the postal shooting incidents since 1986: they listed 12 including last night's. A dozen (plus) post office shootings in 20 years. Yikes.

So what is it about the post office? Does it attract mentally unstable people or does it make people mentally unstable? It's the chicken-and-the-egg mystery.

Song Bomb!

The other night I saw the scariest commercial ever. A plumbing company has -- obviously on purpose -- purchased the number 866-867-5309. And if those digits don't ring a bell, perhaps this will. (Make sure you have your volume on.)

Oh, the humanity!

Sunday, January 29, 2006

About My URL

'Drama couch' is simply a reference to a recent MadTV skit that made me laugh my ass off. It is the last two lines of a parody of that "reality" show 'Laguna Beach' on MTV. So I'm using it because:
a) "somethingshiny.blogspot.com" was taken,
b) "distractedbysomethingshiny.blogspot.com" was too long, and
c) "dramacouch.blogspot.com" makes me giggle...

Now Officially a Blogger

Well here I go. I have a blog. I actually don't have anything specific to say right now, I just came up with the title -- as I was, in fact, just distracted by something shiny -- and figured that would be a good way to start. Woohoo!

Baby steps... baby steps...