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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Christmas is Over?

The Christmas tree across the street was dismantled two nights ago. Yeah, that's right. They had it up (lights and all) until February 11th. 

The external lights are still up though. So the saga continues...

(PS - I'm not obsessed. I just find this ridiculous. And hilarious.)

Friday, February 08, 2008

Light Update and More

So it's February 8th, and the lights across the street are still up. How long will this go on?

In other news, our company off site was yesterday. We went to The Crucible in Oakland, which I was a bit nervous about because they're basically functional pyros and I am, well, not. I thought I would be pouring molten lava or something but as it turns out in my Foundry class wejust had to carve a design in a sand mold and watch as an experienced professional melted the aluminum and poured the liquid metal into our molds. No sweat. Other folks were doing blacksmithing and welding and firefuckingeating. Seriously.

After that we went to a big Chinese restaurant, where we had the whole second floor (a banquet room) to eat, drink, and, most importantly, dance. Then it was off to another bar back in the city. Not a bad day. I'm definitely glad I kept my drinking to a minimum though. Last off site I was suffering pretty bad no thanks to some poorly timed tequila shots.

More work news -- we got our ping pong table set up today. Woo hoo!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Don't Miss?

A recent story on CNN about an apartment fire in Germany came with an unfortunate and tasteless attempt to link to a related story. Would like to think this was somehow automatically generated but I doubt it. Have you no shame, CNN?

Saturday, February 02, 2008


Great new site called The FAIL Blog. Quite simply, it's all pictures of stuff gone/going wrong --pretty self-explanatory. So far I laughed the most at this one, but they are all pretty great:

Also, despite having barely used Photoshop at all, I've really been getting a kick out of the recent You Suck at Photoshop "tutorials". There's been five so far and I hope this guy keeps making more... 

It's February.

This is an apartment across the street from me. The crappy quality of my camera phone notwithstanding, let's just reflect on the fact that this picture was taken earlier this evening. On February 1st. More than a month after Christmas. It's one thing to still have external lights still up -- hell they are kinda pretty -- but the TREE? And they still plug it in every night! I feel like I should start a pool with my roommates about how long these lights are actually going to stay.

As G.O.B. would say, "C'MON!"