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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

My, How The News Changes Over Time

Observe, the progression of a news story:

Posted at 12:12 am on Sept 27:
"Reports: T.O taken to emergency room, reason unknown"

Posted at 2:35 am on Sept 27:
"Reports: T.O. taken to ER for allergic reaction"

Posted at 11:19 am on Sept 27:
"T.O. tried to kill himself"

Sad, but interesting.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Like Looking Into A Blurry Mirror

So I'm watching What Not To Wear (yes, I get suckered into it every now and then), and they're featuring this girl with short curlish blondish hair who underdresses for her job at the Sundance Film Festival. I don't have my glasses on so the tv is a bit fuzzy, but it's so weird, I feel like I'm watching myself.

Of course I think I'm even more distracted by the fact that they alledgedly took this girl out of the festival (whether during or right before), to go shopping for FIVE days across the country. I can't even imagine taking one day off (as my festival is coming up in less than two weeks), yet alone five. Craziness.