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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Technology. Is. Awesome.

I heart... The Office. And my video iPod. And HandBrake.

The Office... Okay, I admit, it took me a while. I was so loyal to the British version I didn't want anything to do with (what I thought initially to be) the bastardization of such a great sitcom. The pilot episode of the American version was an immediate turnoff; they were basically trying to copy all the jokes and brilliant subtle humor of Ricky Gervais. It didn't work (despite his being an executive producer).

So I didn't watch any more episodes for a while. But then I just kept hearing about how good it was getting. So when my roommate dangled his Office season 2 DVD in front of me (a tv drug dealer if you will; the first taste is free), I caved and said I would check out an episode or two.

Of course I went through the entire second season in just a weekend.

Then I got my video iPod. Yes, I wear black headphones and no, I don't watch it on dark street corners in the middle of the night while I wait for the bus. But, as I mentioned earlier, it is wonderful for my morning commute. And yet I needed content. So, since I hadn't seen any of season 3 and needed to get my fix, I bought it on iTunes. Well worth it, especially since it isn't out on DVD yet.

But then what about my DVDs? The stuff that I already paid for and don't want to pay for again just to be able to watch it on that lovely portable device? Well, that's where HandBrake comes in. It works great and today I've downloaded all of my Arrested Development season 2 episodes, the Strangers with Candy season 2 episode I have from Netflix, and I'm in the midst of downloading my roommate's The Office season 2 DVDs. Apparently I'm really big on season 2 today.


  • At 6:23 AM, Blogger bee said…

    Must. Get. HandBrake. Just thinking of all the episodes I could be watching while I'm working out is making me giddy!

  • At 3:38 PM, Blogger mschull79 said…

    Do you agree that The Injury is the greatest episode of The Office ever? I also have to say the opening scene of Email Surveillance is awesome too....


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