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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

White Headphones

Apparently San Francisco commuters are being warned of iPod theft, and BART is issuing fliers telling people "Don't be a target: Use ear buds other than the standard iPod white, or other aftermarket headphones."

Well, duh.

I must admit when I first got my iPod, I was all about the white headphones. I'd be on the bus or walking down the street, thinking I was so cool ('hey, look at me, I've got an iPod!') and giving headnods to my fellow white headphoners ('hey, look at you, you've got an iPod!').

I now wear plain black earbuds. Because I realize that shouting, albeit silently, that, hey, I've got an iPod, isn't such a good thing.

Now I shake my head a bit when I see people with white headphones. Come on, guys, you might as well put a blinking neon sign that says "rob me" over your forehead.


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