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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Speaking of iPods...

I just got a video iPod. I'm so excited! I got the smaller version (the 30 gig one, as opposed to the 80 gig one), because 1) it was 100 bucks cheaper and 2) there's no way I would ever need 100 hours of video at any given time.

I'm basically drowning in iPods now. Okay, well, not really, but I have an iPod Shuffle (the first generation one), which I love and use ALL the time (great for walking around town and at the gym), plus an older iPod, but it's not holding a battery charge anymore and I don't really use it. Basically that's why I decided to get the video one. Sorta phasing the old one out, and getting to look at moving pictures to boot. Oooh, pretty colors.

Of course, with your CDs, you can just pop them into your computer, download the songs and transfer them to your iPod. But with current technology, I can't pop in my dozens of DVDs and download them to iTunes. Well, at least your not supposed to be able to. But my roommate did turn me on to this.

Of course I wanted to be able to watch stuff right way, but I haven't had the patience to download the software, and I didn't feel like digging for free videos online, so I actually purchased the "Season Pass" to season three of The Office. Looks great on the iPod, but it also surprisingly looks pretty decent blown full size up on my computer screen. Watched the first episode during my little commute this morning, and plan on never being bored waiting for the bus from now on.

Oh, and also, one last little product shill. I wasn't about to spend nearly $300 on a gadget and not get a proper case for it. I stared at packages on the accessory shelves in the Apple store blindly for nearly ten minutes and ended up choosing this -- couldn't be more pleased. Fits snuggly, give a good grip, protects the screen... I opted for the plain black, of course. Who wants to carry around a hot pink iPod?


  • At 7:14 AM, Blogger bee said…

    thank you thank you thank you for passing on the handbrake link! i got a 60g video ipod last august for my birthday and LOVE it! i have a couple of "AD" episodes on there. :)
    just remember to change out the headphones to something other than white. :)


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